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i just learned that british photographer harry pointer made a lot of captioned photographs of cats in various situations in the late 19th century



look at this

the lolcat is over a century old


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Senior year is unlike any other. Here are a few things you should know.

It won’t hit you when you wake up for your last first day of school. It won’t hit you as you walk into the Senior locker bay for the first time as an official senior. It won’t hit you when you cheer at your last homecoming pep rally and attend your last football game. It won’t hit you as you go to your last homecoming dance. It won’t hit you as you fill out countless college applications. It won’t hit you as you write that generic essay letter that you try to use for all your applications. It won’t hit you as your college friends return for Christmas break and give you all their advice. It won’t hit you as you celebrate New Year’s Eve with the friends you have known since childhood. It won’t hit you when you cheer at your last Senior night and cry your eyes out! You won’t feel it when you are having the time of your life at your last spring break. You don’t realize it during Senior skip day, when everyone, no matter what group you are in, has a picnic. When May finally comes around and you realize that it is your last Prom, but you don’t really feel it when you are there having the time of your life. You begin to realize it at Graduation when you look around and realize that you will never see half of these people again. You will begin to see it more over the summer when everyone is getting their roommates, class schedules, and going to orientation. It still hasn’t fully hit you when you are sitting in your room packing up the past 18 years of your life, laughing with your best friend about all the stupid stuff you’ve done. You might feel it the morning you leave for college as that it is the last time you will see your room, your parents, and your best friend for like 3 months. It will finally hit you when you are sitting in your dorm room with a perfect stranger, that you have to live with for the next year.

Please. Please. PLEASE make every moment of your Senior year count, you only get to do it once. College will be a lot of fun, but in the meantime, jump at every opportunity you get to do anything that you have ever wanted to do. Spend as much time with your friends as possible, for it will not be long until you meet new people and inevitably grow apart.

-- anonymous (via youvegottafriendinme)

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my friend has black hair and the initials PM while her boyfriend has blonde hair and the initials AM and she told me that they joke that theyre ‘asdifferent as night and day’ and i fell on the floor that shit was so adorable

im going to make this gain notes and show it to my friend 

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